potential (was "Squackers, Tenth-Birthday-of-Squeak edition - Fireworks!!")

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Tue Oct 3 18:10:20 UTC 2006

     Alan writes:

> Maybe time for a new paradigm?

     New paradigms are always welcome, there's no need to wait for old
ones to languish. At the same time, I don't think an idea is necessarily
spent simply because it has reached a certain age, nor that an idea must
displace others to achieve success (though that often happens). We have
fallen far short of realizing the potential of the objects idea. That
doesn't make the idea obsolete, either.

     So much for what I don't think... What I do think is that a
thorough implementation of the idea would be fun, enlightening, and
extremely useful, so it's one of the things I pursue. I think this
because of what we *have* managed to achieve so far; it's good enough
not only to criticize but also for inspiration.

     Oh, and adults matter too. :)


Craig Latta

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