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Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Tue Oct 3 21:11:51 UTC 2006

Hi Craig --

At 11:10 AM 10/3/2006, Craig Latta wrote:

>      Alan writes:
> > Maybe time for a new paradigm?
>      New paradigms are always welcome, there's no need to wait for old
>ones to languish. At the same time, I don't think an idea is necessarily
>spent simply because it has reached a certain age, nor that an idea must
>displace others to achieve success (though that often happens). We have
>fallen far short of realizing the potential of the objects idea. That
>doesn't make the idea obsolete, either.

Oh, I think objects is still a pretty good idea ...

>      So much for what I don't think... What I do think is that a
>thorough implementation of the idea would be fun, enlightening, and
>extremely useful, so it's one of the things I pursue. I think this
>because of what we *have* managed to achieve so far; it's good enough
>not only to criticize but also for inspiration.
>      Oh, and adults matter too. :)

That's precisely why I worry about helping children learn to think better ...



>Craig Latta

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