Shared Variables in Monticello Package

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Thu Oct 5 00:41:36 UTC 2006

As far as I know Monticello runs the class initialize methods on classes 
it loads, "IF" they have changed.

This means that new users of your package should have all the 
#initialize class methods run, and so that is where you can choose to 
initialise such things.

Updates to your packages will not touch the initialization process 
unless you change the method.

> Is there a way that a Monticello package can automatically initialize
> a class or a set of shared system variables when it gets loaded into
> an image?
> I have build a package that relies on setting shared variables.  I've
> got it so they can be set by initializing the class that depends on
> them.  I just don't want to have to initialize the class manually
> whenever I load the package into another image if I don't really have
> to.
> Thanks in advance.
> Chad

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