Squeak on the Nokia 770 (touches on old iamges, Morphic, SM, wxWidgets, and more!)

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 06:52:29 UTC 2006


between 3.8 and 3.9 the morphic speeds up. So could you check if this  
an impact on your analysis. And we are interested in the Nokia 770.


On 5 oct. 06, at 01:19, Aaron Reichow wrote:

> Hola everyone!
> First... Hi! I'm back! I've not been on the list for a year or two,  
> lots
> of stuff going on. Things have died back some, so I'm going to be  
> getting
> back into Squeak finally! I am going to start by helping out with  
> this new
> documentation initiative, working on Morphic tutorials.
> Now for Squeak on the 770...
> As someone else pointed out, I have a Nokia 770 now. It's an awesome
> little device, with one major flaw: a 220 MHz CPU. Now, I've used  
> Squeak
> on PDAs with similar CPUs- 206 MHz StrongARMs in a PDA like the iPAQ
> 3650/3150.  Morphic was usable under Squeak 2.8 and to a lesser extent
> 3.0.  When I was using PDAs that slow, 3.2+ was never really tried,
> because it was a lot harder to shrink those images to a small  
> enough size.
> The iPAQ I used then had 16 MB of RAM, so I was dealing with images  
> of 6
> MB or smaller.  A lot of folks seem to be surprised that I wasn't  
> using
> MVC back then- I've always used Morphic on my PDAs.  I usually  
> sacrificed
> some features in newer images to use an older Squeak with Morphic.   
> Squeak
> 2.8 is very fast, capable and useful- not perfect, but it isn't  
> something
> that belongs only in a museum of computer archeology.
> However, Squeak has gotten a lot slower in recent versions.  I  
> personally
> haven't used an image newer than 3.4 or 3.6 on any WinCE or Linux- 
> based
> PDA, but if Squeak got slower between 3.4/3.6 and 3.9g, then I  
> imagine it
> is way too slow. When I say "Squeak is slow" in this context I mean  
> the
> way Morphic feels as a user, not that the results of 0  
> tinyBenchmarks has
> been getting slower over time. This includes actions like the time it
> takes for a window to redraw it self after you've resized it and gone
> mouseUp; the framerate at which Morphs are redrawn when being  
> dragged; the
> time it takes for a menu to pop up; the time it takes for a button to
> register and pushed.
> As a result, a project I am planning on persuing is getting
> wxWidgets/Squeak to work on the 770. I'd really like to see this  
> happen.
> I personally don't mind Morphic one bit- I prefer it in a lot of  
> ways to a
> "regular" GUI toolkit.  But, it may get us the UI speed we need. Then
> again, it may not. I'm not sure how feasible this is, but I'll find  
> out
> when I have the development environment I need.
> Until wxWidgets/Squeak is ported to the 770, or until something  
> miraculous
> happens with Morphic or the VM, I plan on running older versions of  
> Squeak
> on any PDA, just as a matter of neccesity. I'm undecided what version-
> it'll depend on what kind of performance I get on the 770.  Until
> recently, I was using 3.4, mainly because it could access SqueakMap.
> However, SM no longer works on anything older than 3.8, so I will
> certainly move back to at least 3.2, possible 2.8 considering the  
> slowness
> of the Nokia 770's CPU.
> Like someone else mentioned, some basic work has been done and it  
> does run
> on the 770. See: http://tech.inhelsinki.nl/2006-08-29/ However, I  
> have no
> copy of Squeak for the 770 right now- the person did the work hasn't
> shared a binary yet, though he said he'd send me one eventually.  I'd
> compile it myself, but I've no Linux/x86 machine for running the  
> 770 SDK.
> One thing I need is access to a Linux machine via SSH for hosting  
> the gcc
> cross-compiler for the Nokia 770.  If possible, an x86 machine  
> would be
> preferable. I have a PPC OS X machine at home, but that's it.  If  
> anyone
> would be willing to hook me up with access to a machine with the  
> requisite
> software installed, that would be really awesome! Please email me  
> if you
> can help.
> Well... I plan on being active on the list again, so I doubt this  
> is the
> last you'll see of me. If you'd like to discuss Squeak, please stop  
> by the
> Squeak IRC channel- #squeak on irc.freenode.net.  Contrary to the  
> ideas
> some people have of IRC/chat, we have some very productive  
> conversations
> there, in addition to being a place where Squeakers interact socially.
> Regards,
> Aaron
> (celebrating his triumphant return to the squeak-dev list... :D )
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