Using MessageTally primer by andreas

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Oct 5 08:14:17 UTC 2006

stephane ducasse wrote:
> may be you want to send the changes you did to get other processes 
> analyzed. We could merge that in Squeak

In MessageTally>>spyEvery:on: where it says:

   Timer :=
     [[true] whileTrue:
       [startTime := Time millisecondClockValue.
        myDelay wait.
        self tally: ObservedProcess
	  "tally can be > 1 if ran a long primitive"
	  by: (Time millisecondClockValue - startTime) // millisecs].

Simply replace:

        self tally: ObservedProcess


        self tally: Processor preemptedProcess suspendedContext

   - Andreas

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