Common Smalltalk VM Summit

Giovanni Giorgi jj at
Thu Oct 5 11:53:51 UTC 2006

 I am one of the author of the squeakweekly.
I'd like to keep an eye on this thing and to offer visibility on the
I have tried VW 7.0 NC in the last month.
I am a bit unhappy because I see a lot of work under VW but it is not
open, and some of its thing aren't so fast (for instance Store is
quite slow as a version control)

I'd like to have an open and quite fast implementation of SmallTalk.
It can be userful to unify different dialect, to increase the
popularity of SmallTalk and to attract more developers..

On 10/5/06, David Griswold <David.Griswold at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Dan Ingalls and I have been talking, trying to figure out what to do about
> the major opportunity offered by the recent release of the Strongtalk
> virtual machine as open source.

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