[Io] RE: Web Clients (was Re: Monticello authentication methods?)

David Faught dave.faught at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 12:08:10 UTC 2006

Todd Blanchard wrote:
>I've decided I like SWHttpClient because, while it has LOT of
>classes, it is extremely well factored, does parallel fetching, and
>has proxy/auth/cookie support.

This package does seem to be better in many ways than the older code,
but it does NOT support proxy authentication, which is a subject near
and dear to my heart.

I was not able to use the old harvesting tool BFAV(2) because of this.
 See Mantis Squeak items #912 and #1169.  I'm sure that there was a
similar reported issue for BFAV, but I didn't find it just now.

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