Squeak on the Nokia 770 (touches on old iamges, Morphic, SM, wxWidgets, and more!)

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 5 12:37:38 UTC 2006

Gerald Leeb puso en su mail :

> IMHO the performance of the 770 is not very well at all and so Squeak
> itself is sometimes a little bit slow.
> Starting the VM with the latest image 3.9 #7061 takes about 10 - 15
> seconds. My 770 has 64 MB built in and a 2 GB media card. The image,
> changeset, and source files located on the media card, and the vm is
> located in the built in memory.
> The VM was build with Onne's patch (http://tech.inhelsinki.nl/
> 2006-08-29/).
> works fine:
> - starting squeak with shell command
> - pen support
> - hardware-keys: cursor up/down/left/right, cr (enter) and escape
> - network (WiFi and Bluetooth modem) but must be connected before the
> vm is launched.
> don't work / is missing:
> - Squeak launcher with file (image) chooser which will integrate
> itself in the Hildon UI.
> - audio in/out support
> - some hardware keys: menu, home, fullscreen, zoom in/out
> - built-in virtual keyboard support
> Starting the VM with a shrinked 3.4 #5170 image (1.5 MB image, 21 kB
> changeset, 13 MB source file) but MVC only starts in less the 1/2
> second and responds very good.
> @Stef: Are there any special benchmark you are interested in? If yes,
> please send me the code an I will run it for you.
> Actually I don't know how to act with a pen only (no 3 button mouse)
> and with no virtual keyboard yet - can anyone give me a hint?
> Gerald.
I do not have a Nokia 770, but a shrinked Squeak .
It's based on 3.7 , but could load code from 3.9.
And I ready to help with any problem.

If you wish try, here the url , thanks to Klaus.


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