Contributing to the Documentation Team

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at
Thu Oct 5 23:37:28 UTC 2006

First, I apologize for not keeping in touch with those of you
who have volunteered to help.

Thank you everyone who has volunteered so far. We currently have
three projects going on:

- Creating a Squeak Quick-start tutorial. Leader: Matthew Fulmer

- Upkeep of the Squeak Documentation index at:
  Leader: Matthew Fulmer

- Aaron Reichow has begun planning an update of the Morphic

If you have a particular interest, please express it so that you
can find others with the same interest. Choose a project, find a
team with the same interests, and start contributing! Also,
list your project at:

If you do not know where to start, or what you are interested
in, I need help with the beginner's quick-start tutorial,
especially chapter 3:

Also, please consider getting an IRC client and joining the
discussion on the #squeak channel at A lot
of discussion happens there.

Thank you all for your willingness to contributing to the Squeak
community! Let's make it an even better place than it is now.

Matthew Fulmer

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