What will eventually become squeak? (was Re: What does it take to buy in to Squeak )

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Fri Oct 6 16:13:54 UTC 2006

At the meantime I am focusing on squeak weekly.
I see a lot of people refactoring squeak and it seems they are already
well organized.

I plan a road based on seeding documentation projects to give an
answer to the question
"What will eventually become (go) squeak?"
I will study the most blleding edge projects (like Exupery, Coke etc)
After that I hope to have a clear vision of where we are going.

Then I can give you my 2 cents ;) about SqueakCore and how organize the image.

All my work will be published on squeak weekly, where you (an others)
can add their comments quickly.

As curriculum, I can say I have studied Smalltalk in the last 7-8
years (mostly VW and Squeak), and I am a professional software
I have ported Minnestore to VisualWorks
I am mantaining Celeste.
I have written a tutorial to "convert" Java programmers to Squeak one ;)
I have worked in Java in the last 6 years (with pleasure and some hard work).

And last but not least I hope to be hired by Google Italy ;)

On 10/6/06, Milan Zimmermann <milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> On 2006 August 28 10:50, Giovanni Giorgi wrote:
> > I have little time but I am a Software Architect.
> > So if you (=the community/board directors)  like I can draw some
> > guidelines for the SqueakCore project.
> > For instance we can draw together some basic rules for API
> > deprecation, unit testing and so on.
> Hi Giovanni,
> Thanks for commenting, and sorry for my late reply, I marked this thread as
> "todo", but then never looked back until now, with discussions about
> Strongtalk, I remembered I left something on my "todo/reply" that is related.
> I do not have much to add, while I continue liking the idea of defining
> modularity and well-defined interfaces (and possible interchangeability)
> between VM[Current, Pepsi, Strongtalk]<-->Core[Current, Spoon]<-->Packages,
> (which themselves would be loadable/unloadable starting with the "lowest
> level" such that Tweak/Morphic/NativeUI), I am simply not qualified enough to
> drive such SqueakCore effort, or have enough time to help significantly.
> Having said that, if someone, or the board, goes this direction, and such
> modularization effort is established, I will try to participate and help to
> the best I can (which may amount to well below 1 cent :) )
> Milan
> > Drop me an email  :-)
> > My 4 cents (yes I am a bit more  rich :)
> >

"Just Design It" -- GG
Software Architect

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