Incorporating changes

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Fri Oct 6 20:24:57 UTC 2006

Hi robert

In this moment we are in release phase so only little crucial fixes  
are incorporated.
The best way to increase the chances of a bug fixes is
	- make clear why this is important
	- document
	- document with tests if possible


On 6 oct. 06, at 01:50, Robert Hawley wrote:

> I submitted a change set to squeak-dev using a menu choice in the  
> changes
> browser. Is this the best way to submit changes for consideration?  
> How are
> things evaluated, tested, incorporated into squeak?
> I looked at the Morphic mailing list and it seems to be effectively  
> inactive
> - could the purpose of that list be made more general (at the  
> moment it
> supposed to be for managers of Morphic but the discussion is all about
> people not doing anything about it).
> The changes that I am suggesting make Morphic more readily drivable  
> from
> direct coding - I'd welcome any feedback from those who see the  
> point of
> this.  The change set is in MorphicMessageFix in squeak-dev.
> Bob

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