Squeak on the Nokia 770 (touches on old iamges, Morphic, SM, wxWidgets, and more!)

Franz Josef Konrad fjk at sava-systeme.de
Fri Oct 6 11:37:13 UTC 2006

Aaron Reichow schrieb:

> One thing I need is access to a Linux machine via SSH for hosting the gcc
> cross-compiler for the Nokia 770.  If possible, an x86 machine would be
> preferable. I have a PPC OS X machine at home, but that's it.  If anyone
> would be willing to hook me up with access to a machine with the requisite
> software installed, that would be really awesome! Please email me if you
> can help.

Hello Aaron,
if you still need an SSH access to a Linux machine I can and would help. 
I have a ready to use virtual machine with debian 3.1 running on an 
internet server. If you need access, let me know.

Franz Josef Konrad

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