[ANN] Audio Video Library

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Sat Oct 7 06:24:21 UTC 2006

Martin Kuball wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to annonce my project to build a Library for processing 
> audio and video material with squeak. I put a 1st version on the
> SqueakSource at kilana.unibe.ch. It's not much yet. But you can load 
> and analyze avi container with mpeg 4 video and mp2 and mp3 audio 
> content.
> I did this because I needed a tool to repair some broken avi files. 
> Other tools I tried just failed badly.
> Try this:
> RIFFArchive openOn: 'test.avi'
>   "use explore it to get a nice tree view of the chunks in the avi"
> "open a transcript and execute the following to get some information 
> about the contents"
> (RIFFArchive openOn: 'test.avi') analyzeVideoStream
> "To extract the streams inside the avi container do:"
> (RIFFArchive openOn: 'some.avi')
>  extractAllStreamsToFile: 'base_fileName'.
> "If you have raw streams you can create an avi this way:"
> | avi |
> avi :=
> AVIFile with: (M4VStream on: 'video.m4v')
>     with: (MPAStream on: 'audio.mp3').
> avi runtime: 100.
> avi frameRate: 24000 / 1001.
> avi createIndex. "not working yet"
> avi writeTo: (StandardFileStream newFileNamed: 'test.avi')
> Here is my tentative todo list.
> - write more documentation and tests
> - cleanup and speedup
> - add more container formats like mp4, matroska
> - add mpeg2 handling (-> dvd authoring???)
> - connect with the other multimedia bits in squeak (sound, video 
> playing, ...)
> The project is of course open for everyone to join.

I'm just now getting around to your AudioVideoLib package.
I'm running 3.9 #7061 and had no problem installing it. Can you tell me
how to get started looking at what you've done? Your README says to look
in "AVExample" for examples, but there is none. Should I start with your
suggestions above in the Feb 2005 message?


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