Everything is a distributed object

brad fowlow fowlow at pacbell.net
Sat Oct 7 19:31:09 UTC 2006

Spring was one, from a different era...


> Hello all,
> I've seen various attempts to add distributed computing  
> capabilities on top of
> an existing language. For a true distributed system I would expect  
> it to be
> possible to instantiate objects of a remote class or to subclass a  
> remote
> class and other stuff like this. My impression is that those things  
> are
> difficult when built on top of an existing language.
> Since the paradigm "everything is an object" pays so well, I  
> thought it might
> be less painful to implement a distributed system from ground up,  
> starting
> with the paradigm: "everything is a distributed object". Maybe  
> languages like
> Erlang and E get close to this paradigm. Other than those I am not  
> aware of
> any attempts to implement distributed computhing in this way (from  
> ground
> up).
> Are you aware of any ?
> As a sidenote: I have difficulties to understand how Smalltalk works,
> especially the way method calls eventually resolve to primitive  
> calls. I'd be
> most grateful for an explanation the other way round, i.e. starting  
> with the
> primitives and the way the entire system builds up from them.

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