Real closures

bryce at bryce at
Sat Oct 7 21:55:07 UTC 2006

Mathieu writes:
 > > Seriously, if you wanted closures a better bet may be to take the
 > > existing infrastructure and hack that support in the current
 > > compiler[*]. If you know what you're doing this takes a couple of weeks
 > > but then it's done. The trouble with that new compiler is that while
 > > it's used for a lot of exciting research there doesn't seem to be anyone
 > > who is willing to spend the time to address the "boring" issues that are
 > > so important for the non-research users of a compiler.
 > > 
 > Which boring issues are you talking about?

Probably the ones you said you were working on. Like getting sensible
error messages. Though the performance may need some work too from
what Andreas says. Though, I'd trade compilation speed for full block
closures it might annoy me when loading big packages.


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