Real closures

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Sat Oct 7 22:35:19 UTC 2006

Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
> Andreas, have you looked at the implementor of #createBlock: and the 
> associated BlockClosure class (both are in the 3.9 image). The latter 
> has a class comment (I know, that's a rarity ;-) On the instance side, 
> there's a message category #evaluating, equally interesting.

I have not. Thanks for pointing it out.

> I doubt that you will ever use BlockClosure in one of your performance 
> sensitive projects, especially when the messages you need are in 
> {#value. #value:} etc.

Not sure about this. There are issues with our current contexts, BIG 
issues. So big that I'd very seriously consider accepting a slowdown in 
exchange to fixing these problems.

   - Andreas

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