Real closures

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Sat Oct 7 23:03:01 UTC 2006

Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Oct 2006 00:35:19 +0200, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> Not sure about this. There are issues with our current contexts, BIG 
>> issues. So big that I'd very seriously consider accepting a slowdown 
>> in exchange to fixing these problems.
> :) Mathieu: hurry up, potential users are waiting for sensible 
> performance comparisions :) Are there already benchmarks available for 
> exhibiting the slowdown experienced with instance variables accessed 
> from BlockClosures?

I actually did a serious evaluation of the new compiler for the last 
Croquet release. It failed the tests, primarily on the issue of error 
messages. A compiler whose only complaint is "Token not expected" is 
simply unusable no matter what else might be great about it.

   - Andreas

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