Does Shout work on 3.9?

Andrew Tween amtween at
Sun Oct 8 19:08:40 UTC 2006

I've just checked, and it works ok for me.
(I loaded the SqueakSource version, Shout.3.15-tween.65, into a fresh 3.9g-7061
Maybe some other package is interfering with it? What else do you have loaded?

Or, perhaps you opened an Image Browser rather than a Class Browser? Shout
doesn't work with the Image Browser unless you install ShoutOmniBrowser-tween.3,
once again from SqueakSource.

Hope that helps,

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Subject: Does Shout work on 3.9?

In 3.8 simply loading turns it on.  In 3.9, SqueakMap version doesn't highlight,
SqueakSource Shout.3.15-tween.65 doesn't seem to either.


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