Morphic: doing something (was Incorporating changes)

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Oct 9 08:19:37 UTC 2006

Jerome Peace puso en su mail :

> !) I await MC2.  Study changesets to satisfy my
> curiosity and suggest repairs.
I have MC2 working in one of my experiments with images, but no real test or
follow for see if MC2 improves for managing code.

IMHO the best could be continue working with .cs, as proved practice.
And start to work with MC2 and exchange experience.

>  I try to identify leaf classes and see if they can be
> peeled off of the bulk package.

Ok. Give one example of what you say is a leaf class .
The class diagrams what I did help ?

> 3) I post mantis reports (clearly described
> complaints) Add to them with analysis. And when
> possible provide fixes in the form of changesets.
In Mantis , selecting wiz and Morphic as filter I see 99 issues, you are
working hard !!
But as versions are quick changing, how many of previous to 7061 are still
relevants ?

> And Edgar, thanks for keeping it fun.

About your Spanish , leaf = hoja .
I hope your are not collecting Morphs what fall as in North is Autumn now


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