Kind of postmortem analysis for 3.9

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Mon Oct 9 09:37:45 UTC 2006

May be this email did not show up, so I resent it


Here are some thoughts about the problems we got with 3.9.

- MC misses the notion of slices (groups of packages version together).
When introducing a changes touching different packages we need to  
identify the changes as a
slice of brotherhood of packages.
	-- would be good for slices identification but also to be able to  
load a given version or tag it.
	- - seems that MC2 is going in that direction.

We need the ability to define a certain state (that consists of  
multiple packages all with a certain version)
as one overall version. Like we would do in CVS with taging.

Then, related but different: patches are cross-cutting. That's what  
nice with a .cs: "This is the fix of bug X". Applying
the fix will change set version of the package, but we don't want to  
loose the information that all these changes are
one thing.

Right now we have no way of expressing that with MC, changesets did  
that quite well.

- Moving methods between packages is difficult. We LOST a LOT of time  
there. In particular the way class extension is encoded in string of  
category is a pain. Since we can load a cs which can contain a  
category reorganization and we could lose simply the package
extensions. So there is a real clash of way of managing the code.

- In general, we need package refactorings.. splitting, joining,  
moving stuff between them.

- having an load and unload actions protocols would be nice.

- atomic loading is really needed. Apparently SystemEditor (funny  
name, aka atomic loader) is doing that. So this should be really  
investigated. We lost a LOT of energy/time there.

- We should invest in better tests and a test server.
Not only a test server, but an integration server: Building up a  
bigger image from a  smaller one, then runs
all the tests.

- Package decomposition and responsibility started to work.

- SqueakMap should be improved to avoid all the problems with the  
data corruption.

- Took too much time. Would be good to have a 6 months release cycle

- Should have given name to source = 39a, 39b....

- Good idea to have release candidates

- We should have removed packages (nebraska and other much earlier)
We got trapped at the end with that.

Stef and Marcus

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