Compressed or otherwise strange sources (was Re: Sq 3.9-7061 broken sources)

tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Oct 9 23:54:06 UTC 2006

On 9-Oct-06, at 3:50 PM, Marcus Denker wrote:

> In Preferences>>class there is:
> compileAccessMethodForPreference: aPreference
> 	"Compile an accessor method for the given preference"
> 	self class compileSilently: (aPreference name, '
> 	^ self valueOfFlag: #', aPreference name, ' ifAbsent: [',  
> aPreference defaultValue storeString, ']') classified: 'standard  
> queries'
> This will result in methods with a trailer of #(0 0 0 0)...

Interesting. That seems like a mistake to me. Surely any method that  
can appear in the browsers really ought to have properly set  
sourcecode, just out of politeness.

Anyway, what I'm trying to establish is that there are no methods  
with compress or otherwise strange sources in the image.  No source  
at all is ok I suppose, so long as I know about it.

My current test is :

SystemNavigation default allMethodsNoDoitsSelect:[:cm|
		cm last between: 1 and: 251]
which is an empty collection. So I *think* from checking up with  
CompiledMethod>endPC etc that I can feel sure all is ok.

It seems that all methods have the new property stuff added. What I'm  
hoping to do is move the source reference into the properties, where  
once it is a proper object and not a poorly fudged integer of  
strongly assumed nature, it can be extend to do any interesting  
access work.

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