sq 3.9 compiledmethod #sourceClass and #methodClass

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Oct 10 01:40:31 UTC 2006

So far as I can see the method CompiledMethod>sourceClass is now  
completely obsolete and its function is replaced by methodClass.  
Since the 3.9-7061 image seems to have all methods set up to have the  
methodClass is there any value in this potentially confusing extra  

There is one bit of confusion that seems to be related to the use of  
Traits though -
(SystemNavigation default allMethodsNoDoitsSelect:[:cm|
		(cm sourceClass == cm methodClass) not ]
produces a list of methods where the two messages produce different  
results. It seems that for example
Behavior >> #isLocalAliasSelector:
has a methodClass of 'Behavior' as one might expect but a sourceClass  
of ' TAccessingTraitCompositionBehavior' which I wouldn't expect. Why?

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