Morphic: doing something (was Incorporating changes)

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at
Tue Oct 10 01:50:43 UTC 2006

>Morphic: doing something (was Incorporating changes)
>Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at 
>Mon Oct 9 08:19:37 UTC 2006 wrote: 
>Jerome Peace puso en su mail :
>> !) I await MC2.  Study changesets to satisfy my
>> curiosity and suggest repairs.
>I have MC2 working in one of my experiments with
images, but no real test or
>follow for see if MC2 improves for managing code.
>IMHO the best could be continue working with .cs, as
proved practice.
>And start to work with MC2 and exchange experience.
For working in morphic, I agree. But the release teams
and harvesters want MC. So either we or they have to
change or we have to find someone who likes compiling
cs fixes into MC releases.

>>  I try to identify leaf classes and see if they can
>> peeled off of the bulk package.
>Ok. Give one example of what you say is a leaf class
>The class diagrams what I did help ?

I know from experience that StarMoprh is a good
example of a leaf (hoja) class.
It has no subclasses (in the image). And there are no
class references to it. So if it is not there every
thing else is intact.

Classes are nodes of a  subclass tree with protoObject
and Object being the root.  Each subclass is a branch
and the ends of the branches are the leaves.  

The goal is a user story and so it is inexact. The
idea is to split of packages that are small,
self-contained and leave the rest of morphic (and
squeak) intact if they are gone.

In the remaining part there should be no unimplemented
calls refering to the removed package. 
And no uncalled methods in the remaining package that
would have been used by the removed package. 
When what is left in morphic is small enough that
saving it as MC does not cause too much loss of time
or trouble the process can stop. 

>> 3) I post mantis reports (clearly described
>> complaints) Add to them with analysis. And when
>> possible provide fixes in the form of changesets.
>In Mantis , selecting wiz and Morphic as filter I see
99 issues, you are
>working hard !!

I have trouble with short term memory.
When I find one its easier to describe it on mantis
than trying to remember it.
Then later seeing it there will remind me to work on
it. And maybe someone will leave a big clue. Or solve
it for me. (When that starts happening regularly I'll
know that squeak is really cooking.)

>But as versions are quick changing, how many of
previous to 7061 are still
>relevants ?

Actually most of them. When was the last time you
remember squeak doing an cleanup pass?

Even the ones that got "fixed" in 3.9 have a tendency
to get "reverted" and come back. Mantis is at least a
thread of sanity.
>> And Edgar, thanks for keeping it fun.
>About your Spanish , leaf = hoja .
>I hope your are not collecting Morphs what fall as in
North is Autumn now

That's exactly what I'm doing. And acorns too. Acorns
dream about becoming forests.

Cheers, -- Jer

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