Additional install info for Squeak on Nokia 770

Aaron Reichow revaaron at
Tue Oct 10 03:43:48 UTC 2006

A few tips for those who who might want to install Squeak on a Nokia 770.
This will become moot when one of us (me?) gets around to creating a
proper debian package that specifies its dependencies...

I've been going back and forth with Gerald, who was awesome enough
to compile Squeak using the patch posted by Onne, and put it up with some
instructions here:

Now, when I installed it, first by winging it, then by following the
instructions that worked fine for Gerald to a T.  No dice- couldn't load
the vm-display-X11 module, and running "squeak -help" didn't even list it
as an option at the end. Jecel on #squeak (the official Squeak IRC channel
on pointed me in the right direction. Some more
confusion, but eventually I figured out how to fix the version of ldd that
ships with the Nokia (by default it doesn't work), and found what
libraries my 770 was missing- and

My only guess is that both Onne and Gerald had Minimo installed, which
requires these libraries, and as far as I can tell, is the only app that
requires them, and consequently loads them through apt-get.

Anyway, this long rant it just to say that if anyone else would like to
run Squeak on their Nokia 770 to SSH in as root, and run:

apt-get install libsm6

That will install libice6 as well. After that, Squeak should work on even
a factory-fresh 770. When we get to the point of making a dpkg, this won't
be an issue, but who wants to screw around with more of this annoying
Linux/C-level rubbish when there is Smalltalking to do? Not me!

Many thanks to Gerald, Onne and Jecel!  I don't think I would've been able
to figure this out without the helpful diagnostic information and other


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