Detailed description of Squeak on Nokia 770 [Long!]

Brad Fuller brad at
Tue Oct 10 05:26:27 UTC 2006

Aaron Reichow wrote:
> Hola again everyone!
> This is a very long post. I am posting it here because I feel others might
> find it useful.  If anyone thinks I should polish this and post it on the
> wiki, please tack that onto a reply or send me a personal message.  I'm
> not sure if this kind of information matters to many folks.  I suppose it
> could be worked up into a more recent and detailed description of Squeak
> on the PDA- qualitatively, its current status, etc.
> -<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>-<>
thanks, Aaron, for keeping us abreast of your experimentation. I was
thinking on purchasing a 770, or if I find something with a bit more
power with Linux, sometime. So, it's good to know that someone else has
blazed the trail!


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