Cleaning SM accounts

goran at goran at
Tue Oct 10 07:25:24 UTC 2006


On a more serious note - we have collectively managed to register a lot
of "crap accounts" in SM. I am thinking about doing some kind of sweep.

First of all - there seems to be lots of bogus initials (hey, even lots
of accounts with blank initials!). Secondly, quite a lot of obviously
bogus accounts.

After that we should probably set a standard policy for how dev initials
are selected (only alpha, no spaces, case? length? etc).

And finally we probably need to rethink how people get their accounts.
Just letting people register willy-nilly is probably not so good. Nor is
the current approach of creating a "real" account before the person has
bounced via email and verified himself that way. But frankly, I am
unsure if we just want to rely on an email address anymore. Should we
"hand out" accounts instead?

regards, Göran

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