Cleaning SM accounts

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at
Tue Oct 10 09:07:32 UTC 2006

Il giorno mar, 10/10/2006 alle 09.25 +0200, goran at ha scritto:
> And finally we probably need to rethink how people get their accounts.
> Just letting people register willy-nilly is probably not so good. Nor is
> the current approach of creating a "real" account before the person has
> bounced via email and verified himself that way. But frankly, I am
> unsure if we just want to rely on an email address anymore. Should we
> "hand out" accounts instead?

Integration with Squeak People could be a good idea: you could let only
those with at least an 'apprendice" certification access be able to get
an account on SM.


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