History and thoughts about "how" we work on the image together

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 09:45:54 UTC 2006

So try :)


On 9 oct. 06, at 22:49, Ken Causey wrote:

> I would just like to say that, after having participated in the  
> previous
> Stewarding effort to a considerable extent, I'm extremely  
> interested in
> experimenting with a more anarchic/distributed process.
> In particular what I would like is to have a live system of 'updates'
> where anyone with sufficiently high SqP ranking can submit an update
> directly into the 'pool' and it is immediately available to everyone
> subscribed to the 'pool'.  Then either through automatic or manual  
> means
> each 'update' receives votes (the number of votes each person can give
> or take away may be based on their SqP ranking).  The idea is then  
> that
> someone who wants to live sort of on the edge, but not too close, can
> set things up so that they only get automatically get updates that  
> have
> a vote of at least X and if they have an update and it's vote drops
> below Y (X>Y) then it is automatically removed.
> My idea then is that a release team would at some specified time build
> an image from this pool of updates based partially on the votes and
> partially on manual checking/verification.
> Let me stress that this is something I would like to experiment with,
> not immediately use for an official release.  I think this system has
> possibilities but only something like real-world testing can really
> address how well it is likely to work in practice.
> Ken

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