sq 3.9 compiledmethod #sourceClass and #methodClass

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Oct 10 16:11:16 UTC 2006

On 10-Oct-06, at 12:14 AM, Marcus Denker wrote:

> No... so for explanation: Traits share CompiledMethods (if there is  
> no super in them).

Ah-hah. I thought they copied down.
> So when you asked the (prior to properties) for #who, the answer  
> was random: in what ever class or Traits the method was found  
> first, this was returned as the class.

That be would bad (sorry, words in order as found :-)

> For Traits, this now leads to undefined results, as did #who  
> before. This should be fixed, of course. There are three  
> alternatives: 1) allways return the Trait on
> #methodClass, 2) give up CompiledMethod sharing alltogether or 3)  
> have CompiledMethods be real Objects and share the ByteCode  
> ByteArray and the literals.
> So.. best would be 3), but this seems to be off for at least 8  
> other years,
Oh I sure hope not.

> so I guess it would be 1) first and later maybe 2, as the  
> CompiledMethod sharing makes
> not much sense as soon as CompiledMethods know something about  
> where they are in the system.

Yes, I think that having the method include the method class is  
essentially the same barrier to cm sharing (until 1) above) as having  
a super in the code. Is it practical to fix this very soon? Obviously  
the code to cope with a non-shared trait method is in place so could  
we just kill the shared case for now and re-wiggle the currently  
shared cases?

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