Scamper Re: [ANN] Working SSL In Squeak

karl karl.ramberg at
Wed Oct 11 14:02:55 UTC 2006

David Faught skrev:
> Karl wrote:
>> Todd Blanchard skrev:
>>> On Oct 9, 2006, at 11:23 AM, Lex Spoon wrote:
>>>> As far as I know Scamper parses HTML just fine.  If you think not,
>>>> maybe lobby to get Scamper using your parser?  What is better about
>>>> it?
>>> It understands CSS.
>>> It understands DOCTYPEs
>>> It understands W3C DOCTYPE definitions for the various
>>> HTML/XHTMLstandards and can use them to guess about and recover from
>>> malformed HTML.  It can download new DOCTYPES and use them. This
>>> makes  it somewhat future proof.
>>> It has support for more modern tags like DIV and SPAN (missing in
>>> Scamper).
>> This sounds good :-)
>>> The only thing it is missing to be on par with modern browser like
>>> Firefox is Javascript support - which could be added either via a
>>> SpiderMonkey plugin, or a native JS interpreter, and plugin support.
>> Sounds like building Scamper on top of your parser is a good idea.
> When I played a little with trying to get Jon Hyland's MediaView
> browser working, I was never able to get Todd's HTML parser to load
> properly in a normal Squeak image.  I was looking at possibly using
> Josh Gargus's port of Cassowary as a screen layout manager, since it
> seems to be made for just this kind of application.
> Here are a few observations:
> . Scamper has some understanding of MIME which MediaView doesn't.
> . Scamper is based on Morphic.
> . MediaView has lots of rendering code for different HTML elements,
> but I believe is dependent on a screen layout manager that was a
> separate (not included) part of the customized environment that
> MediaView was part of.
> . MediaView does NOT use Morphic, but instead uses Forms and more
> direct interaction with the Display.
> . Todd's HTML parser has the advantages he listed above.
> . Cassowary is "an incremental constraint solving toolkit that
> efficiently solves systems of linear equalities and inequalities."
>> From reading its documentation, I believe that it could be quite
> useful as a screen layout manager.
> . There has been some talk lately on the list of dropping HTTPSocket
> in favor of Steven Waring's HTTPClient code.  In most respects that
> would probably be a good move.
> . It would be desirable to use ToolBuilder, so that a new web browser
> could be used in Morphic, Tweak, MVC and whatever else is built on the
> ToolBuilder API.
> So there are lots of parts to choose from, but I think integration
> might be a challenge.
Nice summary.
I think the layout part is the hardest and will be hard to do in toolbuilder
as one would need deep integration with the framework.
I also thought about using Cassowary but never got around to really 
it.  I have not looked at any of the other code you mention.
In my HTMLTableMorph project I used a nice addition to the MorphicLayout 
by a french Squeaker, can't remember his name,  that was quite good for 
the table layout.
The next stage was to get the text morphs to behave and that is where I 
put the project on ice.
I'll dig it up the code and put it on SqueakSource.

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