CurlPlugin (call for testing)

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Thu Oct 12 08:12:51 UTC 2006

On 12-Oct-06, at 1:07 AM, danil osipchuk wrote:

> John, could you please take a look at this humble creation for  
> review and for a MacOS build? I think it has reached the point  
> after which the main infrastructure will not change dramatically.


	^FileDirectory on: 'c:\Danil\Deploy\Upload\tmp'

that needs to change so that it's platform agnostic.

> I'm compiling recent versions of the plugin against a daily  
> snapshot, particulary this one:  
> September 30, 2006 (because there are bugs being fixed). To get  
> most of it libcurl should be compiled with c-ares (async DNS  
> lookups) and OpenSSL.
> Typical unix-like system will probably already have a stable  
> libcurl installed, so here is a deployment complication - one needs  
> to put newer libs (at least the version curl 7.15.5) somewhere in  
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH before the libs present when starting Squeak.

If you are going to run newer version of curl on os-x then we'll need  
to statically link in the newer library.

> As far a I know, the main difference between gnu-C and MacOS plugin  
> versions will be in memory management functions they use (for  
> example NewPtr instead of malloc). I've tried to abstract this  
> difference into the CurlPlugin class>>macSpecificDefines using the  
> idea found in the RePlugin.

Nah, os-x is unix, calloc/malloc is fine, NewPtr is 1984 technology...

I'll note I think 11 tests ran, the only one that failed was to do  
with that CURLINFO_FTP_ENTRY_PATH issue, and of course the ftp tests  
since I'm too tire to alter ftpLocalWorkDir tonight.

If you've only 11 tests, then I'd suggest others could add a few more  
tests, that is the easy lifting of the project.

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