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Am 13.10.2006 um 14:24 schrieb Lord ZealoN:

> Well, here a question to discuss
> ¿What do you think about use Squeak for make professional games? (with
> actual VM or possible future StrongTalk VM)
> I'm not talking about something like MineSweeper or Solitarie. I'm
> talking about a game with good graphics to sell. MMORPG (Lineage 2,
> EntropiaUniverse, Life...), RTS (Starwars, Warcraft...), Turn-Based
> Games (UFO, Civilization....)

up-to-date games uses high-level languages for scripting and basic  
gameplay. So from the principle, there is no reason why it should not  
work with Squeak, if putting some critical stuff in C libraries. But  
in practice, it may depend on the kind of game and the exact  
requirements.  There is a guy (xbox developer) who plays with Dolphin  
smalltalk, see here: 
introduction-to-talking.html. See also Croquet (
DirectX in Squeak may be a problem. I don't know if there is any  
package for this. Dolphin and Smalltalk MT have very good bindings to  
DirectX and Microsoft APIs in general.



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