3.9-7061 World Menu issues

Elod Kironsky kironsky at grisoft.cz
Fri Oct 13 16:53:20 UTC 2006

Elod Kironsky wrote:
> Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Am 13.10.2006 um 04:34 schrieb tim Rowledge:
>>>> What has happened to the World Menu?
>>>> The 'normal' left-button gets something similar to the previous
>>>> release but with an anomalous hierarchical-type submenu for
>>>> 'Preferences and Services' that behaves quite unlike all the other
>>>> sub-menus of the World Menu.
>>>> The middle-button used to open a personalised menu - and the
>>>> preference is still there to do that but it doesn't have any effectc
>>>> - but now produces a strange menu with hierarchical-type submenus for
>>>> much of the usual World Menu items and some  very odd entries.
>>>> Including some non-hierarchical-type submenus (playfield options for
>>>> example).
>>>> It's a bit naff to have an odd admixture like this. Wouldn't it be
>>>> nicer to be consistent?
>>> Isn't there a preference for that? To have the personalized menu or 
>>> not?
>> that's what tim mentioned, there is a preference under menus. but, it
>> doesn't seem to do anything. A middle button click with the preference
>> enabled and disabled, the menu is the same. Maybe it works a different
>> way now?
>> brad
> Something works definitely differently. I have a class, that has the 
> mouseDown: evt method handled the
> left and right mouse buttons (talking about Squeak under Windows). Now 
> the left (redButtonPressed) button works
> just fine, but when I press the right (yellowButtonPressed) mouse 
> button, I get a 'playfield' menu (probably the
> PasteUpMorph menu under my morph). The mouseDown: method does not even 
> get called!!! Am I doing something
> wrong, has anything changed that I am not aware of?
> Elod
Oh, and I forgot to mention. If I press the yellow button, beside that 
the mouseDown: method is not called, it has another sideeffect.
A new category appears in Browser named Morphic-Models with 3 new 
classes: MorphicModel1, MorphicModel2, etc.


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