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The Croquet Project is built on Squeak and goes FAR beyond the vast majority
of game engines, to the extent that "games like" those you've mentioned are
really poised to become quite outdated.

Take a look at the Croquet website ( as well as
the Wikipedia Croquet entry for some ideas about the potential Squeak gives
the creative game designer.  The videos at are a good introduction.

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Well, here a question to discuss

¿What do you think about use Squeak for make professional games? (with
actual VM or possible future StrongTalk VM)

I'm not talking about something like MineSweeper or Solitarie. I'm
talking about a game with good graphics to sell. MMORPG (Lineage 2,
EntropiaUniverse, Life...), RTS (Starwars, Warcraft...), Turn-Based
Games (UFO, Civilization....)

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