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Lord ZealoN lordzealon at
Sat Oct 14 08:41:52 UTC 2006

Well, sometimes I send this to the maillist but never get answers.

I would like to know your opinion about this.

Squeak/Smalltalk is powerful, but for users, or developers in other
environments (VB, C, Java etc..), looks like a toy. No games on it, No
"famous" app's. All, etoys for kids and a mouse as logo. I think the
squeak "world" needs changes, remove pinks colors in the image, and a
large etc...

Oficial web need's a change, more modern ( too, looks
like an abandoned project, and the news about the projects are old) ),
writen in smalltalk. About the logo, I sugggest one time, would be
interesting thath Squeak take a logo like squeakfoundation.

More developers means (not always but...) more packages, more tools,
more code, more ideas. And I think we need change some things to get

 ¿What do you think about this? ¿How can I/we help with all of this?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this things in her mind.

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