RC2 out

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sat Oct 14 15:13:16 UTC 2006


I just grabbed 7063 and the current win32 VM, and opened the image. 
Something is not right with the system window stripe coloring.  The
active state is somehow not following the keyboard focus.  Click in the
various workspaces and you should see what I mean.  If it is a corrupt
instance, I would start looking at the lower right workspace, but that
is simply a hunch.  One could argue that the lower right workspace
appears not to deactivate???

As a related aside, I still recommend flipping the #isActive tests (e.g.
appending #not) in #setStripeColorsFrom:.  Try it (see below) for a few
minutes and I suspect you will see what I mean - suddenly the active
window is "stronger" than the inactive ones.


setStripeColorsFrom: paneColor 
	"Set the stripe color based on the given paneColor"

	labelArea ifNotNil: [labelArea color: Color transparent].
	self updateBoxesColor: (self isActive not
				ifTrue: [paneColor]
				ifFalse: [paneColor muchDarker]).
	stripes ifNil: [^self].
	self isActive not
		ifTrue: [self fillStyle: (self gradientWithColor:
paneColor lighter lighter lighter)] 
		ifFalse: ["This could be much faster"
				self fillStyle: (self gradientWithColor:
paneColor duller)].

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