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Sat Oct 14 18:01:40 UTC 2006

> On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 10:41:52AM +0200, Lord ZealoN wrote:
>> Well, sometimes I send this to the maillist but never get answers.
>> I would like to know your opinion about this.
>> Squeak/Smalltalk is powerful, but for users, or developers in other
>> environments (VB, C, Java etc..), looks like a toy. No games on  
>> it, No
>> "famous" app's. All, etoys for kids and a mouse as logo. I think the
>> squeak "world" needs changes, remove pinks colors in the image, and a
>> large etc...

No serious apps? Well I think I'd call large multinational company  
payroll systems serious. And major financial systems and a number of  
big military apps.  A non-trivial number of web apps running on  
Seaside. IIRC LibertyBasic is implemented on Smalltalk. And then  
there is Squeak, which I consider a pretty serious application, for  
all it's faults.

'a mouse for a logo' - well, yes and how is that bad compared to a  
penguin, a coffee cup, a camel or any other logo? I happen to think  
(but then I'm biased) that it looks pretty damn good on all the  
books, caps, sweatshirts, badges, tshirts etc that I've been sent.  
Nobody has done a squeak logo lambourghini to send me yet....

Aside from that I concur very much with what matthew said.

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