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Sat Oct 14 23:40:45 UTC 2006

On 14-Oct-06, at 4:15 PM, Benoit St-Jean wrote:

> No Edgar, you misunderstood me...  A decent UI is a UI
> that looks native...  One to which the user can relate
> to.  That looks like a Mac on a Mac, like Windows on
> Windows, etc.

Well my basic response has be 'yuck' because the windows and mac UIs  
are pretty nasty; I won't offer an opinion on any of the X11 based  
ones because the last one I saw was a while ago and it looked like a  
very poor copy of the worst parts of windows.

But if you really want host-like UI, try wxSqueak. If you want  
multiple host windows with the option to draw your own within those  
windows, try using the Ffenestri code. Come on guys, if this is  
important to you, put some damn effort into it.

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