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>>This may get me in trouble, but I will make a bold claim:
>>Squeak is a toy. That is a good thing.
>Come on exploration and dynamism is not equal to toy.
>Squeak is a dynamic environment but this is not a toy.
>The fact that you interact easily with the objects that populate it
>does nto mean that this is a toy.

Yea, I agree with Alan here.  Instrument is a much better word.  A toy is 
something that is *only* for playing.  It can't do anything serious or 
useful, ever.

>>- You need complicated software to develop software
>>- You need to go through the university system to be a
>>   programmer
>Why not, if you can get a nice teacher teaching what you want to learn.
>I would pay to get the teachers that can teach me what I want to learn.

Yes.  And universities are good because they have the best free labor in 
existance.  Not only is the labor free, but the work is done by a pretty 
smart (and possibly brilliant) person. :)

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