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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 08:53:34 UTC 2006

hi andreas

Come on you systematically mentioned that we were not respecting  
package maintainer... Do you want that I really lose
time to go in your emails to show that to you? Of course this should  
be us that do not understand.

> Hi Stef -
> By now I *really* want you off the helm for any future Squeak  
> release. Your behavior of insulting *every last person* who finds  
> any shortcoming in 3.9 is just unworthy.

I'm not! I think that you over reacted. For once this is not me.
We are just in release candidate 2. We got in Gamma for at least some  
months. So we should stop.
I was just showing to you that your statement that we should not  
publish code in packages that has a maintainer leads to a
deadlock. Because you cannot touch multilnagual and we cannot touch  

> I find a problem, I post a fix (without btw, requesting any  
> immediate action like including this in the current release) I  
> explain what the deeper problem is and request resolution by filing  
> a bug and you call me ranting?

Not in this email. I was referring to some previous ones but not this  
one. :)

> I'm sorry, but in this kind of atmosphere I really have no interest  
> in contributing. Consider my fix withdrawn.

Cool. This is the perfect attitude!
Quite constructive.

> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
> stephane ducasse wrote:
>> On 15 oct. 06, at 10:08, Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> stephane ducasse wrote:
>>>> where is the code? How can we put it in squeak if this is not  
>>>> visible for us?
>>>> I thought you were the maintainer of Graphics so that you would  
>>>> include it in there.
>>> Please do me a favor and at least have a peek at the reference I  
>>> give.
>> I look at it but it was not on mantis and I'm on the tweak mailing- 
>> list.
>>> I don't do it for my own good. This bug report explains the problem.
>>>   http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=5233
>>> TTCFont and friends are in Multilingual, not Graphics. In other  
>>> words, I can't touch them.
>> But if I follow your usual rant "us stupid harvesters do not  
>> understand what are package maintainers", we
>> could not move anything to the graphics package either because you  
>> are the maintainer of it.
>> So instead of ranting on our stupid practices, if you could admit  
>> that a bit of communication and synchronization
>> are necessary in the process and that with the merge mechanism of  
>> MC we can publish items in a package and that the
>> maintainer of the package can merge it back (and possibly reject  
>> the changes) because else we are stuck.
>> So now concretely how do we proceed for this changes?
>> Because you could have done it also, published two new versions of  
>> the packages and notify us.
>> I do not know who is maintaining the package multilangual. So we  
>> can do it if the code works because we are in ReleaseCandidate
>> status and this is taking far too much time so we could also  
>> postpone it to 3.10.
>> Stef

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