3.9-7061 showstopper bug - Mantis #5231

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Oct 15 09:05:02 UTC 2006

On 14.10.2006, at 14:33, Scott Wallace wrote:

> The bug was not only present in 3.8, it was already present in 3.7.
> It arrived in update "5706KCP170CompilerPrtclRefactor", in a method  
> timestamped "NS 1/28/2004".  So, amazingly, the community has been  
> tolerating this showstopping bug in its "stable" releases for more  
> than 2.5 years.
> I personally was unwilling to live with the bug for even a day,  
> once I encountered it;  so for me, as for Tim, this was a  
> showstopper, no irony intended.   Not only can the .changes file  
> get quickly filled with arbitrarily large amounts of arbitrary  
> text, but the unformatted logging of arbitrary text causes havoc  
> with attempts of the ChangeList browser to parse chunks from  
> the .changes file.  So to me this was a completely intolerable bug.
> I quickly tracked down the cause to the "Kernel Cleaning Project,"  
> in the change-set mentioned above.  I couldn't immediately devise  
> an obvious, elegant fix, but I did settle on a workaround that did  
> the job, however unappetizingly.  Since that time there have been  
> two further advances on the method, one for TinLizzie (for Tweak  
> compatibility) and the latest for OLPC.
> I attach the fileout that constitutes the latest OLPC incarnation  
> of this method, which is more robust than the Squeakland version.   
> I don't know how this would integrate with 3.9 -- Marcus must have  
> had good reasons for not porting it 3.9 -- but I offer it FWIW.

No, there was no good reason... just a lack of energy.


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