what is the status of multi window

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Oct 15 11:06:27 UTC 2006

Am 15.10.2006 um 09:46 schrieb stephane ducasse:

> Hi tim
> I was asked what was the status of "Fnestrai" what is its status.  
> Do we have a chance to get it for squeak?

What do you mean by "get it"? Take it ;)

"Areithfa Ffenestri" support is in the Mac and Windows VMs. You just  
need to install the image code. The only download location I know is  
Ffenestri-b1.sar in John's iDisk (http://homepage.mac.com/johnmci/ 
FileSharing.html) under experimental/TweakFfenestri

Some of the code might be specific to Tweak, but the plugin certainly  
is not. You should at least be able to call the primitives to open  
windows, display a form etc.

- Bert -

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