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Lord ZealoN lordzealon at
Sun Oct 15 11:08:38 UTC 2006

> Benoit St-Jean puso en su mail :
> > I'd love to see a decent UI in Squeak.
> Again and again the same thing.
> What is a decent UI ?
> Like a Windows app ?
> I could' understand this Lemming behavior.
> Again for all what think they need this look, go for Zurgle and resurrect
> it.
> Edgar

I think, the problem is not only about morphic as is. The problem is a
GUI building. Something like Matisse (NetBeans 5), would be great.

My idea is use Squeak not only for experiments. Is for app's for
users, and users don't like changes. I can't develop a software like
gnucash for example, and offer a lesson of 15 hours to teach the
interface. First i need a lesson of 50 hours to learn to create this

Some people in this list speak about web interface, but, i don't like
the web interface, i like the "desktop" interface, because, i don't
want thath the user load an explorer to access to the app.

Doing all through internet, with an explorer, is an error IMHO. And
all the developers are taking this way.

If i want to use my app from a PDA (thanks for the minimal link Edgar
to try), the PDA is not always connected to internet. Is good to do a
web interface? I love an app with her "desktop interface" in my
laptop. With or without connected to Internet.

Where can i see Zurgle "in action"? I visited the web, but the
sceenshots are not there.

In response to other mails. Well, toy was'nt a good word. With toy I
meant about a look thath not looks profesional. For example, NetBeans
look proffesional, Visual Studio looks professional, but squeak not.

As other man said, yes, there are proffesional webs writen in
smalltalk. But Dolphin or VW is smalltalk too and looks proffesional.
In adittion, I spoke about the Squeak look, not the web upon SeaSide.

I don'tSqu doubt about the power of eak (I'm sure is terribly
powerfull) and I want to use it. I love the philosofy around it but
I'm speaking only about the look.

I disagree about the logo. The logo is fine for t-shirts, but not in
an accounting app.

Really you don't like more this?

This logo has a little toy look, with proffesional look, and the
symbol of smalltalk. Is perfect.

Well, perhaps, I'm not the right man for discuss about squeak, because
I'm totally new in this world and all of you has more experience in
squeak, but I have ideas for a better squeak from a "normal"
developer, and i would like to share it.

Much ideas, not time :(

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