Serious Squeak (other "survey")

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at
Sun Oct 15 14:48:24 UTC 2006

> > Squeak is a toy. That is a good thing.
> Come on exploration and dynamism is not equal to toy.
> Squeak is a dynamic environment but this is not a toy.
> The fact that you interact easily with the objects that 
> populate it does nto mean that this is a toy.

I have to agree with this. I see that ludism should not be an obligatory path to
exploration and development. Pedagogy allready knows that it is in the childhod phase, but
how can ensure that is the case to scale or map that reasoning to an adult and keep
healty? With adulthood as a goal it really makes any sense? Suggestion: perhaps it worth
having a look to see if there are trends of infantilization in a biologically adult

Thinking about this, the most succesful investors use the money in an adult way. I mean
here economically self sufficient persons. Childs are money dependant of others (usually
parents). I think that thinking more like inverstors do could be helpful here.



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