Roadmap proposal for 3.10/4.0

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Sun Oct 15 22:28:52 UTC 2006

Zulq Alam wrote:
> Isn't the list that Stef is starting the same list you propose be 
> produced after the first two months?

It could end up being similar, but the main difference is that I'm not 
willing to consider anything that hasn't been done already. Out of that 
list there were two items that I would consider "ready for inclusion" 
(which really means: ready for discussion), namely Klaus' fix for the 
source code management and some of the fixes that Pavel needs. None of 
the other items on the list are even close to being considered ready for 
inclusion; on many of the items work hasn't even started.

And *if* any items on that list get done in the first two months we can 
decide to include them. But I don't want to start out with a long list 
of features that nobody has the time and the energy to implement.

> Don't get me wrong, a plan is a good thing to have I'm just trying to 
> understand how you wont end up with a big list that will give you the 
> shivers... :o)

Simple: By strictly not doing anything "new" but rather only pick from 
what's already there. The release process isn't the place to start new 
projects, it's the place to select from the existing projects those that 
should be part of the next release.

   - Andreas

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