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Germán Arduino garduino at
Mon Oct 16 00:13:38 UTC 2006

Hi All:

2006/10/14, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at>:
>   I think Edgar's question is valid.  QuickTime for Windows doesn't
> look "native" at all, but Windows users seem to be ok with it.  (For
> that matter, Windows Media Player doesn't look like a Windows app at
> all.)
>   Current Morphic is not geared toward making these "Title-bar and
> menu-bar at top" apps, and I can imagine it can be a problem for
> sometime.  "Decent UI" is something else.  That is why I think Edgar's
> question, "what is a decent UI" valid.  (And I don't know the answer.)
> -- Yoshiki

May be a "decent UI" is today the sort of Web 2.0 UI. In this case the
discussion about native Windows, Mac or so  could be a waste of time,
because seems that the web 2.0 (with lot of javascript) is the "state
of the art" UI.

Develop such sort of UI is perfectly possible with Squeak and some new
alternatives are coming with the work of Diego GD. (See it!).

About I disagree with me is really useful,
I find each thing I need and not see any problem with the site.


Germán S. Arduino

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