[ANN] MessageCapture

Michael van der Gulik squeakml at gulik.co.nz
Mon Oct 16 08:37:52 UTC 2006

Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> how would you execute [ some long computation ] on another processor or  
> another computer.

Simple. To use another processor, just modify the VM to use pthreads. 
Easy peasy! (*)

To do it on another computer, use my DPON project. Unfortunately it's 
current status is "completely freezes the Squeak image after 5 seconds". 
That's a bit hard to debug.

(*) this is sarcasm.

> On another processor, Squeak does't work because its VM is neither  
> reentrant nor multiprocessing-capable (sorry for using terms which are 
>  >  30 years old ;-)

One day, after I've finished all my other projects, I'll be looking at 
making the Squeak VM use pthreads so it can use multiple CPUs. Hopefully 
somebody will beat me to it :-).


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