Serious Squeak (other "survey")

Cédrick Béler cbeler at
Mon Oct 16 10:44:35 UTC 2006

Yann Monclair a écrit :
>> A decent UI is a UI
>> that looks native...  One to which the user can relate
>> to.  That looks like a Mac on a Mac, like Windows on
>> Windows, etc.
why not having a web based UI. With seaside and scriptaculous, this 
shouldn't be really hard. It will look native, modern ;) and will be an 
excellent show room for squeak. When I'll have a bit of time, I'll try a 
"live" browser... Also something fun would be a comet browser... so 
we'll have a collaborative development environment ;) ...

Concerning Squeak UI, I hated it first, and now I'm used to it and 
nearly a fan of it. Squeak to me is a bit like a workshop you have to 
To me, the one window approach makes realize that we work in an image 
;). I'm not looking forward handling windows separately anymore. So you 
have to get used to it, you have your own environment. Now, I use a 
squeak-dev image, plus repositories and some code to enhance the 
interface stored in Monticello package... Some of my favorite options, 
Tracing message browser   and   reverseWindowStagger   to open windows 
differently.  CollapseAll in window menu is cool too. I'd also like to 
have menu in sort of flaps. For now I have a permanent open menu and 
window menu... And I'm dreaming of opengl effect à la mac ;)

Serious squeak ? The fact that my development image is around 50Mb 
(+/-)... including lots of stuff, UI, webserver, smalltalk core....  
just impressed any time I realize that ! Sure it could be enhanced, but 
to me it's more a question of ergonomy, and feel as said Yann
> I would replace look by feel. I don't mind the graphical look of the 
> app on mac, or windows, or linux. To take mac for example, you have 
> various types of GUIs. Look at iTunes, Mail, Safari (the same is 
> happening with the new microsoft office look and classic windows 
> look...) they all have 3 different looks, some are intented to be 
> one-window-only, others multi-windows ... The common factor to all OSX 
> apps is the feel, the behavior. command+Q quits my app, command+W 
> closes the current window. Take command+C, command+V , they work the 
> same in squeak and my other apps, so squeak integrates (feels) with 
> the other apps.
> The windowing of Squeak can be weird, especially since most window 
> managers handle windows separately. But I just need to launch Eclipse 
> to see that problem again in a more "mainstream" technology...

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