Serious Squeak (other "survey")

German Arduino gsa at
Mon Oct 16 11:59:34 UTC 2006

>> Some people in this list speak about web interface, but, i don't like
>> the web interface, i like the "desktop" interface, because, i don't
>> want thath the user load an explorer to access to the app.

You are swimming against the tide. Sooner or later your users will claim 
the new UI that are seeing in Google, Yahoo, etc, etc.

Of course, you can start the internet browser window (not need of think 
only in Explorer) from your app to use it as desktop app.

>> Doing all through internet, with an explorer, is an error IMHO. 

Don't agree, I think that using the internet browser to get rich 
applications interfaces is just the better way to do it.

Such alternative is more and more popular, really I think (as software 
developer) that at this moment have no sense to develop a (business) 
traditional app "a la desktop".

Think in the common user, that is using/operating web 2.0 apps daily 
(Google services and a lot of anothers new and cool web applicatins), 
going back to use gray-squared-windows....In my opinion is a sort of 
case as when Windows started being common and the users were forced to 
use they old DOS style apps.


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