what is the status of multi window

David Faught dave.faught at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 12:42:20 UTC 2006

Tim Rowledge wrote:
>> Some of the code might be specific to Tweak, but the plugin
>> certainly is not. You should at least be able to call the
>> primitives to open windows, display a form etc.

>Absolutely. The original development testing was done with workspace
>doits to open windows, display in them, fetch events from them. John
>did some demo stuff to try to hook up individual project windows to
>host windows. I think it should be a case of hooking individual
>windows to host windows instead. Somebody with good knowledge of
>morphic would need to look at that. See http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/

>From this discussion, it sounds like this support will let
Squeak/Tweak display its content in host windows, so for example
Croquet might be able to display multiple views of a scene in
host-controlled windows, if someone got creative with OpenGL.

Somehow I had the impression that this support would allow the reverse
- a host process, like Firefox or Excel, to display its window inside
the Squeak/Tweak Display with some measure of interactivity with
Squeak/Tweak events.  Now I'm bummed out because I was hoping that
this would close the "lack of a good Internet browser" gap.  Now I'm
curious how Sophie handles HTML (or other Internet-based) links.

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